Monday, April 18, 2011

Sending out an S.O.S.

No offense to Sting, as he is still the master at sending out an S.O.S.  ;)

However, I need some Internet-savvy people to come to my rescue!  Allow me to tell a tale of woe...

About 2 months ago that I was the victim of credit card fraud and identity theft by people I knew and trusted. The result of this incident was that I was offered to settle my legal issues on television, in Los Angeles, appearing on the show: Judge Joe Brown.

The result of the hearing was NOT what I expected.  The whole mess boiled down to $10,000 in damages to my Discover card.  The State was able to determine that $7,000 of this was criminal and punishable as multiple felonies.  (Last I checked, there are a total of 18 felony counts of fraud and identity theft against this individual.)  However, as the law is written, there was still $3,000 that could not be classified as criminal.  I had to pursue it civilly. 

I filed my law suits.  JJB contacted me.  I was not expecting any such opportunity.  However, I was assured that I had a rock solid case, and that my evidence (that I spent months gathering) was better organized 10x over than what she had seen before.  The hearing would be Binding Arbitration, legal, and the Network would pay me the settlement, as opposed to having to squeeze it out of the individual.  I was elated.

The trip was a nightmare.  The judge was a JACKASS.  He never let me talk, never let me tell my side of the story, focused on everything he wasn't supposed to focus on, berated my opponent for things that he really had no right to, and ended up awarding me the money to refund a SINGLE transaction that fell under the criminal charges, and I had already been refunded that money by Discover anway.  My award amounted to about 1/3 of what I was owed.

Somehow, these two individuals who had completely taken advantage of my love and trust were able to literally lift $2,000 off my credit card and walk away scot-free.  How is it even possible that our justice system could allow this?  I was devestated.  Instead of enjoying my night in Los Angeles like I planned, I spent the next 24 hours until my flight alternating between sleep and tears.

I was told that I would receive a purple postcard in the mail in 3-6 months time informing me of the Airdate of my show.  They do not give out DVDs or tapes and I had better make sure I recorded the air time or I would lose out.  My airdate was April 11.  I received the card on April 13. FML

I have searched hi and low several times throughout the Internet to find this television appearance that I can only imagine is retched and pathetic.  But, nevertheless, I do want to see it.  And I can't find it.  It aired 4/11/2011.

MSNBC listed it as:
Episode #2881.  Untitled
A man helps himself to a woman's credit line; a landlord and his former tenants feud over a leaky toilet and damages to the rental property.

Xfinity listed it as:
Episode #2986

CBS Google search actually listed my case as the description, but the site itself is updated to this week's docket.

Can anyone help me locate this video?  I'd even throw in a $20 Amazon gift Certificate or something  :)  Hell, it's my 15 minutes of fame, right?  Even if it was traumatizing...  Might as well embrace it...